United World Coaches

One Coach. One Coachee. One United World.


There is much suffering in the world, and there is a cohort of dedicated humanitarian world-workers who strive tirelessly to alleviate some of this suffering.

The purpose of United World Coaches (UWC) is to support the humanitarian world-workers professionally and personally with:

  • Pro bono one on one coaching for the world-workers

  • Democratically charged

      • Company workshops programmes

      • Leadership coaching


We want to fan the passion of world-workers to fulfill their humanitarian mission, bringing relief for poverty, disease, marginalized populations, and thus improving the world that we live in.

UWC coaches are all:

  • Volunteers

  • Trained by an ICF accredited organization

  • Certified, or in a certification program

We are currently pausing our coach recruitment process for the summer. Please check again mid-October 2022 when we look forward to getting new coaches on board again.


Are you a humanitarian organization who wishes to provide this much needed support to your staff? Please contact us at info@unitedworldcoaches.org .

We are keen to expand our range of organizations and are open to a no-obligations conversation with you. Please reach out!


UWC seeks funding to continue to grow its operations and its reach.

We seek donors who are interested in corporate social responsibility and are looking for innovative ways to support their CSR objectives that include impacting the work that is done by humanitarian and non-governmental organizations.

If this could be you, please contact us at : info@unitedworldcoaches.org

Our vision is to be THE coaching and leadership development platform for the humanitarian sector.